Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow, Christmas, and Happy New Year

Chirstmas Day at Mimi and Pop's House

Our Christmas Tree 2008

Aidan and Sean looking at all the snow on the deck

Ruairi and Kelly in front of tree at Macy's in Chicago on State Street.

Aidan, Tara, and Sean in the snow December 2008

This Christmas was way different then last year. This year we actually got to enjoy the holiday. The year before the focus was feeding, and changing babies. Aidan, Tara, and Sean all like to open presents, at least for a little bit this year. I think that Tara was the most into opening gifts. She really liked the paper. The babies were spoiled with gifts, not so much by Santa, but by family. The best gift came from Auntie Moira. She gave the babies her old cell phone. Tara thinks this is the best thing ever, and loves to talk on the phone. She is so cute when she gets on the phone she always says hi dada.
As shown above we did not have a real tree this year. It is a step up from last year since we did not even have a tree. The babies enjoyed their paper tree and the best part about the tree there was nothing that they could break on it. Aidan managed to break an ornament at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
The great snow of 2008. The snow was crazy here right before Christmas. I think it snowed over 2 feet. It would have been nice if we had a snow blower. Good thing we have nice neighbors that helped to remove the snow from the driveway. The roads were so awful it kept Ruairi and I an extra night in Chicago. Not that we minded having to stay an extra night, we spent our extra day at the museum.
This year has been a year of a bunch of firsts and I am sure that 2009 will bring on more firsts. We are still waiting for someone to walk. All 3 of them are getting close, but no one is standing on their own yet, but I am sure that it is coming soon. Hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2009.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going to see Santa

We went to go and see Santa last week, it went better then I thought, but Aidan and Tara still cried. Sean was a champ, not afraid of Santa. Things this year are much more calm then they were a year ago. Last year we barley had time for Christmas, this year I actually put out some decorations, and have some time to shop. We still did not put up a tree and I think that if we do put one up it will go on the deck. I know the babies will not play with the tree, but we just do not have the room. Our living room is an explosion of baby toys and things.