Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sean is on the move!!!

The other day Sean started to walk!!!! He is still a little unsteady, but I am so proud of him. I think he knows that we are taking him to PT and he does not want to go. When he walks he is still up on his toe, so I still have to take him. Now I need my little princess to start walking.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Broken bone

Yesterday, just before we were getting ready to leave to go to dinner to celebrate my birthday, Aidan dumped a chair on himself. Of course Aidan cried when it happened, but Ruairi and I thought he was fine. We proceeded to go to dinner. While we where at the restaurant Ruairi wiped Aidan's hand with a napkin and Aidan started to cry hysterically. Ruairi looked down at his hand and noticed that his left middle finger was swollen and starting to turn black and blue. We left the restaurant, without eating our food and I called the doctor office on the way home.

The doctor sent Aidan and I to the after hours clinic and to get x-rays. Aidan did great at the clinic walking around playing. He did not do so well for the x-rays. From the way he was moving his hand around, and fight me, I thought there was no way his finger was broke. But, 45 min after the x-ray was done, the doctor confirmed that Aidan did indeed brake his finger.

Aidan is doing well and going on like nothing ever happened. His able to still use that hand to eat, play with his toys, and climb up on the furniture.


Here are some pictures of what we have been up to.

Aidan, Tara, and Sean


Aidan and Sean

Ruairi and Sean sliding down Grandpa and Grandma's driveway.


Sean hanging out.

Sean and Aidan jumping like monkeys after nap time.

Aidan, Tara, and Sean


Sean, Tara, and Aidan

Aidan and Sean



Aidan, Sean, and Tara


Tara with her new sunglasses.

Aidan's new sense of fashion.

Aidan's new trick.

Tara's new trick.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I can't believe that it is already April and the last time that I updated the blog was way back in January. Well, a ton has been happening with us since I have last updated the blog.
The kids were sick with colds, flu, and ear infections that started in the middle of February, and finally left us at the end of March. I was at the doctor's office with a child every week. I asked if there was some sort of frequent flier program I could sign up for, since I was there so often. I am so glad that is all over and the warm weather will be coming soon.
Very exciting news that Aidan is now walking. He is the first walker of the bunch. He started to walk maybe 2 weeks ago. I really hope the other two will follow soon. Tara is starting to stand up the middle of the room. She is so cute when she does it. She loves it when we all clap for her, and she claps for herself as she is trying to stand. Sean really really wants to start walking and he is a very good walker when you hold his hands. Sean is going to start PT again soon to help with his tight heel cord. He is always up on his toes when he is standing, and I think it is making it hard for him to walk.
Aidan and Tara have also earned their monkey tails. Aidan loves to climb, and is always climbing up onto the couch, the recliner, and the chairs. The boy is fearless, and I am just waiting for the day is going to fall. Tara is also a good climber and loves to jump on the couch. Sean loves to jump up and down, if you put him up on the couch. All 3 of them love to race up the stairs for bath time as well. All we have to say is "the gate is open", (the gate that blocks the stairs) and the 3 of them come racing. It is really cute. Aidan is usually the winner, Tara likes to take her time.
Since I have last updated I signed the kids up for a sign language class. It was a 6 week session, and I took someone different each time. Sean really loved going to the class. We learned a few signs, but I think that they all like that they had mommy one on one and got to interact with other kids.