Monday, September 22, 2008


What is new? Aidan and Tara both have teeth. They both cut their first tooth sometime last week. Tara has learned to clap and she is so cute when she does it. Aidan has also learned to stand up in his crib and stand up next to chairs. Today while I was changing Tara, Aidan wondered into the kitchen and got stuck under the table holding onto the chair. That boy is part monkey. Sean is starting to become more mobile, but still not crawling. He is definatly starting to roll more, so it sort of gets him where he wants to go. Tara and Aidan are constantly on the move and they are fast.
Last week someone I am not sure who, since I was at work, but manage to pull on the curtain in the living room and pull the brackets out of the wall. I am sure this was a joint effort on all 3 of them since they love to play peek a boo in the curtains. I ruined their fun and pinned the curtains up out of their reach. I know that is probably the first of many things that they are going to destroy in my house.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Park Pictures

A couple of weeks ago Ruairi and I took the babies to the park to get some pictures taken. Here are some of the shots. I am so excited I think they turned out great. To see more of the pictures go to


The babies are 10 months old, and you would be thinking that by now they would be sleeping through the night. Well, that is not the case in my house. I thought we had finally made this goal, but no we are still back to getting up in the middle of the night. Aidan my golden child has been sleeping through the night since he has been 4 months old. Sean has been sleeping through the night once he turned 8.5 months, but little Miss Tara does not believe in this concept. Tara my little princess does not like to sleep. She will not nap as long as the boys nor will she sleep through the night. She went an entire week, but last night she was up to her old tricks. She no longer wants a bottle at night which is good, but she likes to get in bed with Ruairi and I. We try to let her cry, but it is really hard, since she shares a room with the boys. Aidan will sleep through anything, but Sean will wake up, so it is just easier to move her into our bed. She is starting to get teeth so I am not sure if it is her teeth that is getting her up in the middle of the night, or she simple wants to play musical beds.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A year ago

It is hard to believe, but a year ago I was put on strict bed rest. I was 24 weeks at the time, and just stopped working on September 12. I had a regular scheduled doctor's appointment that day, and after the appointment Ruairi and I were suppose to go down to my parent's house for my baby shower. Well, none of that happened. At my appointment the doctor's noticed that my cervix was starting to shorten and I was having contractions. I was sent over to labor and delivery were I was given steroid shots to help develop the babies lungs and started on magnesium sulfate to stop on contractions. After a few days on magnesium sulfate, the doctors then switched me over to procardia to help stop contractions. This was the start of my long 8 weeks on bed rest. It is hard to believe that in 8 weeks my babies are going to be 1 year old. They are getting so big so fast.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Over the summer the babies had their first swimming experience. The babies went swimming for the first time at Mimi and Pop's cottage, in the little pool. The babies would have loved to swim in a big pool, but both set of grandparents filled in their pools last summer :( Tara and Aidan loved the water. Sean was not sure of the pool and only liked it once I put him the little boat. Sean is more of a boater then a swimmer. As the summer progressed Sean started to enjoy the pool more and more. Sean and Tara love to splash one another and steal toys from each other in the water. Aidan likes the water, but not into splashing like the other two. He enjoys playing with the toys in the water.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What is a day like in the life of triplets?? Well this is a our daily routine.
Wake up 7-7:30 AM
Bottle 6 0z
Diaper change
Breakfast (1/3 cup of oatmeal and fruit)
Sink bath, diaper change and get dressed
Nap time 9ish 10-11ish AM
Diaper change
Bottle 6 oz
Playtime (went to the gym today)
Diaper change
Lunch time 1:00PM (1 yo baby yogurt)
Nap time 2ish-4ish PM
Bottle 6 oz
Diaper change
Playtime (went for a walk today)
Dinner time 5:30 PM (2 jars vegetables and 1 jar fruit)
Bath time
Playtime/Bottle 4 oz
Bed Time 7:30 PM
So in a typical day I change around 21 diapers at least that was the diaper count for today. The babies eat all together 1 cup of cereal, 3 yogurts, 12 jars of baby food and 66 oz of formula a day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 months

Look how much the babies have grown in the past 10 months!! It is hard to believe that in two short months they are going to be 1 year old.

Kelly, Tara, Ruairi, Sean, and Aidan
November 2007

Sean, Tara, and Aidan
December 2007

Sean, Tara, and Aidan
January 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
February 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
March 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
April 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
May 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
June 2008

Aidan Tara, and Sean
July 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
August 2008

Aidan, Tara, and Sean
September 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

On the Move

Over the past week Aidan and Tara have become very mobile. Aidan has finally learned to crawl forward and can go from crawling to sitting on his own. Tara can also go from crawling to sitting and last night I found her standing up in her crib. She is always using me as a jungle gym, she is a very good climber. And poor Sean still is not on the move. He is starting to roll around some more, but is still content to stay in one spot.
Since the babies are now on the move I decided that I should start getting back in shape. I started back at the YMCA this week. My workout was cut short today, since the babies did not like being at the daycare center today. I was 20 minutes into my workout when I heard my name being called over head to return back to the baby center. They all were crying their little heads off when I got back to the baby center, but as soon as they all were strapped back in the car, they all were as happy as could be. They failed gym today, but I am going to try again later on in the week.